Thursday, May 7, 2009

Team Name Leaked (?): Philadelphia Union

Rumors are rampant on the interwebs that the Philadelphia MLS team name and crest have been leaked...Philadelphia Union. Possible scarf designs have also been sighted, one emblazoned with the Latin phrase "Invgite aut Perite" which some believe translates roughly to "Join or Die." A Google search did not provide much help, asking 'Did you mean, invite a pirate?' However, after reading a brief history about the Gadsen Flag and the symbolism of the snake, I believe it might mean "Unite and Conquer." Perhaps the Latin is mispelled.

An screen cap also inadvertently displayed the Philadelphia Union logo (top right-hand corner) which has since been taken down and replaced with PHI 2010.

To further perpetuate the rumors, I received a Facebook email last night informing me that Bryan from the Sons of Ben changed the group name "Philadelphia MLS Fans" to "Philadelphia Union Fans."

The official announcement comes Monday at City Hall.

The 700 Level

Phinally Philly

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